The 8-Section Brocade (Ba-Duan-Jin)

This action is supposed to activate the "Triple Burner" meridian, also known as the "Triple Warmer" or "Triple Heater" (Sanjiao). It involves lifting the hands, which are loosely connected and move up the middle of the body.

The practitioner imitates pulling a bow to either side while in a lower horse position. It is claimed to tone the midsection, concentrating on the kidneys and spleen.

With the hands pressing oppositely, one up and one down, it resembles a variation of the first piece. The basic action is a smooth motion in which the hands alternate positions; it is claimed that this motion particularly stimulates the stomach & Spleen.

This is an alternating stretch of the neck to the left and the right to help recovery from 5 strains & 7 impairments.

5 Strains: Strains on heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney.

7 Impairments: Overheating (spleen), anger (liver), moisture (kidney), cold (lung), worry (heart), wind/rain (outer appearance) and fear (mind)

This comprises an upward stretch, a bend forward, and grasping the toes.

Similar to the second piece, this primarily consists of punching motions to the sides or forward while in a horse stance. This, the piece with the most obvious external components, aims to improve overall vitality and muscular strength.

This is supposed to control how well the heart and lungs work. Its main goal is to extinguish the excess fire (xin huo) in the heart. In conventional Chinese medicine, xin huo is additionally connected to heart fire. The performer of this piece assumes a low horse stance while squatting, placing their hands on their thighs with their elbows outward while twisting to cast backward glances from either side.

This is an upward push from the toes followed by a slight rocking motion. After practicing the previous seven pieces, or, in some systems, specifically after Sway the Head and Shake the Tail, it is said that the gentle shaking vibrations of this piece "smooth out" the qi.

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